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Get Inspired!

Off to Market encounters hundreds of online resources each and every week. Against this volume, bookmarks simply don't cut it. So we invented our own Personal Search Engine, or 'searchmarks' as we like to call them. Every time we find something cool, useful, interesting or just plain fun, we add that resource to our searchmarks

Pretty quickly, our searchmarks became a powerful tool for inspiration and ideation. So we decided to make an interface into them that would enhance that utility and open up new doors of discovery. We crafted new algorithms to blend relevance with tangental connections, and to inject a titch of randomness into the results. We added web thumbnailing, integration with Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" functionality, and an assortment of dynamically-constructed queries to some of our favourite destinations. Welcome to "Get Inspired!".

We're sharing this tool with you in the hopes that you'll find it as useful as we do! Just enter a word or two into the search box above, and Get Inspired! But remember kids, the Internet is a crazy place, and Off to Market can't promise you might not trip into those dark corners that will scar you for life.